Sunday, January 6, 2013

House sweet house

It was quite a busy and chaotic house hunting trip, but we came away with a pretty good place.

The rental market in our new city is crazy.  They said there has not really been a recession there, so things are still booming and rentals get snapped up within days.  We looked at several places that were small, super expensive, or in bad areas, but we lucked out and got an agent who had this house and just got the previous tenants out and hadn't even gotten it show ready yet, but said he would have it ready when we need it at the end of the month.

Now we just have to pray that our house here sells soon so we can find and buy a place there to make our forever home.


  1. Glad to here that you found a place! I will pray for a quick sell for you! Moving and selling can all be so stressful - I hope it all goes smooth!

  2. Congrats on finding a place. One less thing to worry about. Here's to your old house selling quickly. Keep us posted...


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