Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nutshells to catch up

Ha, ha, ha, I started writing the post below on the evening of July 23rd.  Then a little something happened on July 24th that totally changed my life and I never got it finished.  More to come on the life changing event soon, but for now...

Wow, where is the time going?  I have so many things to share here, but life is running me over.  I have 2.5 days of work left and then I will be unemployed, by choice of course.  Maybe that will bode well for my blogging time!

So what has been going on, a LOT!

Dustin's assistant and her husband left the local Forest Service Office and moved to a new Office in Oregon to be closer to family since they just had their first little girl.  We hosted a going away party for them two weekends ago.  He is a firefighter and she was a range technician, so I came up with this for the cake:

The party was a lot of fun, everyone was talking about how great it was.

We grilled burgers, hot dogs and brats. Everyone brought sides to share and there was a ton of food.

We got Korin's baby a stick horse since she loved working with the Forest Service horses so much.

I have been working on crocheting hats for Katy.  I got all my patterns from the blog:

My hats for Katy

I got a new book for my book club.  We are now reading The Night Circus.  I am a little ways in and so far kind of bored, but maybe it will pick up.

Swimming lessons wrapped up tonight.

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  1. You are busy!! Even more so with Katy Im sure!


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