Wednesday, August 15, 2012


We had Katy baptized on Sunday since my in-laws came in and my Mom was still here.  It just so happened to also be Katy’s original due date.  My sister drove down for the service as we asked her to be Katy’s Godmother. 

Baptism 034
My sister Cathy, and Mom on the left, Deacon Will, father-in-law Steve and mother-in-law Karen on the right
The actual baptism was a bit of a nightmare since it was super hot up on the alter and Katy screamed through the whole thing.  Austin was also insistent on coming up with us, which I was ok with, until he started telling me he had to “go poo-poo” and being insistent upon it.  I kept whispering to him that he would have to wait and he finally threw himself down on the floor crying.  I had to pick him up and carry him down to Grandma.  He didn’t end up going poo-poo, he just knows that usually that request gets my immediate attention. But in the end our precious girl is officially dedicated to God and the pictures look pretty good anyway.

Baptism 014
The cake I made, it was strawberry with vanilla custard filling
Baptism 015
My Mom crocheted her outfit
Baptism 018
Giving her name in the back of church
Baptism 031
Baptism 043

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  1. Love the outfit! So precious that your Mom made it for her...


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