Monday, May 17, 2010

What a Monday!

Well it was all good until I picked up Austin at daycare.  I actually took the day off from work since I worked all weekend at a camp for work, that post will come when I get a minute.  I got my laundry caught up and talked to my Mom.  I stopped at the plant nursery and bought some tomato plants.

But then when I was strapping Austin into his car seat I had my door open while I was side sitting in the back seat to reach him and my friend Molly was parked next to me and was in getting her son.  In the mean time her daughter (2 year old) opens their passenger door and flings it open and it collides with my door.  I jumped out in a panick and luckily it did not dent her car, but left three nice blue marks on it.  The corner of my door hit it, so it did no damage to my car.  She told me not to worry about it, but I still felt bad.  Hopefully they can just buff off the marks.

Then we get home and I take Austin out to the garden to plant the tomatoes I bought.  I was exciting thinking this would be a great bonding moment, you know the teaching your kids to garden concept.  At first he was having fun picking up dirt, and of course he had to taste it.  Then he walked over by the east side of the garden, which I didn't think much about.  Then he shreiked and I looked to where he was standing and saw that he was on top of a newly formed fire ant hill.  I ran over and snatched him out of the ants and brushed them off as fast as I could.  I took him in the house and stipped him down.  He was crying, but I could not find a bite mark so I thought maybe the ants and I just scared him.  In the mean time I realized that I had a couple of the little buggers crawling on me from the brief time I stepped in to get him.  I killed the ones I saw, but I had already been bitten on the stomach because one crawled under my shirt. 

His crying got more intense and he became unconsolable.  I started to worry that maybe he swallowed one or somethng because I still couldn't find a mark on him, while the bite on me was totally swollen and red.  When Dustin got home he found that his left hand was swollen around his thumb and first finger, so that is where he got a little bite.  After some Motrin and snuggling he finally calmed down, but I was so scared and so emotionally drained after seeing him suffer like that.  He is now sleeping so hopefully he is over the worst of it. 

Those ants had better run because they are going to die!

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  1. That stinks! We have ants all over our house too, but luckily they are all the little sugar ants so far, so I don't think they really bite, or get on you as quickly. Glad he is feeling better after some medicine! :)


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