Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fuzzy Head

I was asked in a comment about if Austin got a hair cut so I thought I would share a post about Austin's hair.  He was actually born with some hair, not a ton, but a little light brown hair.  I know some people say the baby hair falls out, but Austin's never did.  It got really thick around the back of his head, for a while he kind of looked like that Benjamin Button character.  So we cut it and made it look evened out, and that was pretty early on at like two months.  I cut my husband Dustin's hair, so I am Austin's barber too.

Then when it grew in it was super light blond, he is a total tow head.  For a long time people kept thinking he had no hair, but it was always there just very light.  I gave him his second haircut just after his first birthday.  I saved some hair from both of those cuts and it is amazing to compare the color difference. 

Now his hair grows pretty quickly like ours.  The thing about his hair is he has a double cow lick in the back so the hair swirls around and sticks straight up.  No amount of hair gell in the world will hold it down.  I thought that if I let it grow out we could smooth it down, but nope it just sticks up even further so I finally got fed up with it and whacked it shorter again.  I think it looks the best short and am wanting to cut it again, but we are going to Iowa this weekend so I think I will leave it for now and trim it when we get back.  Dad says the hair sticking up comes from his family and Austin will probably just wear a cap when he gets older.

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  1. Tyler has a cow lick right in the front. Its such a pain, he is really going to hate it when he grows up.


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