Friday, May 10, 2013


Yes, it's May 10th and I am stuck on K of the A-Z Blogging Challenge from April.  Oh well, I just don't have a whole lot of blogging time these days.  Things are going well though, here are a few quick things going on for us:

  • We got pre-approved for our home loan today, so we have 90 days to find our dream.
  • I had a fun day with my real life and blogging friend Brandi.  She came to my city today and we shopped, went to lunch and took the kiddos to The Science Zone.  Austin and Marlee were adorable, they held hands most of the day, and had a great time together.

  • Austin wrapped up swim lessons yesterday.  He passed all but one of the criteria and they recommended that he is ready for level 2.  
  • He is playing soccer on Monday and Wednesdays and is loving it. 
  • I am loving the Magnificat Moms group that I joined through the churches here.  One of the ladies who happens to live just down the street had us over for lunch last week.  Her third oldest son is turning 5 next month, so he and Austin really hit it off and had fun playing together.
  • I finally made it to all three Catholic Churches here.  They are all wonderful and a huge improvement from where we came.  
  • There is an awesome little park a few blocks from our house that has a little creek that Austin loves to play around.  He could throw rocks and sticks in it all day long.  

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