Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I just got back from casting my votes today and thought I would share some election day thoughts.  I was surprised to see this morning that none of the blogs that I follow had done a post about voting yet.  Don't worry, I'm not going to tell you who I voted for or try to twist your arm to support any particular candidate.  I personally wish more people would keep their political views between them and the ballot booth.

My first memory having to do with election day was when I was a pretty young child, although I don't know exactly how old I was then.  My Mom took me with her to the voting precinct which was at the old Chevy dealership in our small town, the building is now a Mexican restaurant.  I got out of our old blue station wagon and when I went to shut the door I put my other hand on the side of the car for leverage and slammed the door shut.  Unfortunately the tips of my fingers were in the way and I smashed them in the door.  After crying profusely for some time my Mom was able to take her tear stained girl in to cast her votes.  The election official lady felt bad for me and she gave me a ballot and said I could take it home and fill it out and my Mom could bring it back in for me.  I took it home and colored in some of the ovals with my crayons and gave it to my Mom.  You can imaging my disappointment when my Mom refused to humor me and said that I was too young to vote and the lady was just trying to be nice.

I have been proudly voting in every election since I turned 18.  I know a lot of people were opting for early balloting this year, but there is just something too nostalgic about going in on election day.  Today it is a beautiful blue sky mid 70's day so I pushed Katy in the stroller to the firehouse to vote.  When I walked up there was a sign marking off the 75 ft buffer zone for demonstrators, but there were no demonstrators in sight.  I went in and was the only voter at the time, just 8 election officials sitting around waiting to help me.  Pretty uneventful.  Way different experience from when I lived in Fort Collins, Colorado and stood in line for over an hour to vote in the Bush/Kerry election 8 years ago.

I know some people feel that their one little vote is insignificant in the sea of millions, but I take a great deal of pride in voting.  I am so grateful that I was born in this country and think even all the nasty political mudslinging is a wonderful sign of our freedom.  I hope that my fellow American blog friends have cast their votes, or will do so before the polls close today.


  1. I could not agree with you more about the importance of voting. Although I am not American, my husband and I watched the election coverage all night waiting for the outcome. It always amazes me how few people actually vote (not just in the USA but here in Canada as well).

    I also think it's important to pass along the significance to the younger generation. When we had our last election (a few months ago), I took all three of my boys to the polling station. They were even allowed in the booth with me and I was able to explain to them what was happening. I hope it has the lasting impression it did with you.

  2. I voted. Marlee even got a sticker (as well as Brekken), and she wore it for 2 days she was so excited!

  3. I love that about keeping their opinion between them and the ballot booth. I've never heard it phrased quite that way. I am so using that one!

    We always go in for early voting. There was a mix-up with my registration when I moved to NC, so I had to come back and vote another day after that was resolved. That scared me to think I would have missed out if I'd gone on Election Day, so now I like to go early in case anything unusual happens.


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