Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Beautiful Lengths

I finally got tired of my long hair and had it cut last week.

This morning I sent it off to Beautiful Lengths.  Here is a little about Beautiful Lengths:

Beautiful Lengths is a partnership between Pantene and the American Cancer Society, the largest non-profit health organization committed to saving lives from every cancer and improving the quality of life for people facing the disease. The role of Pantene is to help women grow long, strong,* beautiful hair and provide the funds to turn this hair into free, real-hair wigs for women with cancer. So far, Pantene has donated 24,000 free real-hair wigs to the American Cancer Society’s wig banks, which distribute wigs to cancer patients across the country.

This is the fourth time I have donated my hair.  Twice I sent it to Locks of Love and this is my second donation to Beautiful Lengths.  


  1. So cool, good for you! I love the short new do, too :)

  2. Awesome! I have to agree that the new do looks great on you!

  3. What a NICE thing to do! I'm impressed that you've done it four times. Your new haircut looks good too.

  4. Cool! Is there a length it has to be before they will except it?


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