Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baby Lane update

I have been following the journal for Baby Lane and they finally let the Mom hold him.  She is doing kangaroo care with him where they basically put the baby in the mothers shirt for skin to skin contact/stimulation.  He will be three weeks old on Sunday, and he is doing pretty well considering.  He had one major set back last week where he had internal bleeding.  They did surgery though and seems to have taken care of the problem.  The Dad got really sick, I guess that is why they think the Mom went in to labor early, she got some sort of virus.  He is recovering, but staying away until he is back to perfect health.  Thanks to everyone who is praying for them, God is good!


  1. I've been following a little too! I hope they get better soon! Has Travis seen him and everything? I'm assuming so, but haven't really looked at it too much this week...


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